Do You Need A Technology Partner?

IT Industry Secret | Connected Technologies VS. Other IT Companies

Shhh, don't tell anyone we told you!

WARNING: We are about to let you in on a secret about how most computer companies really make their money!  We will cover the three main types of IT companies and what you can expect out of them  

Let’s say your business purchased a backup solution. You paid to have it installed and setup. However, if you aren’t investing in ongoing support and maintenance for that backup device, your IT provider isn’t doing it for you. You might expect your backup systems to always function, but without checking that it’s working, isn’t corrupt, or that it’s consistently backing up the files you need, there is no guarantee you’ll be able to recover lost data when you need it. The same goes for any other technology solution.

The Pay-By-The-Hour Computer Company

In the IT Industry, this the called a “break-fix” practice. Technology will break, and there will be companies out there who fix it. Connected Technologies has had success with this business model in the past. Production today is tied to technology and when technology fails, user downtime creates losses. Break-fix companies are more than willing to come fix your technology problems. Their profit motivation is to always be available when you have a technology issue so they can fix it, save the day, and get production moving again.

By-in-large, these technology companies charge per hour or sell prepaid blocks of time at a small discount. Technicians come to fix a specific issue they were commissioned for. They are paid on production.  It’s not hard to imagine a technician who’s working in this construct, moving from job to job as fast as he/she can to accrue the most billable hours possible.

As a result, break-fix technicians rarely look at other technology problems an organization might have. Consequently, the company still sees inconsistent technology and a fair amount of downtime. The break-fix technician also is not motivated to show people how to resolve any issue as his/her company likely relies on that billable time to sustain their own operations. So, while a break-fix model works fine for residential users, for the modern business it lacks sustainable value.

Pay-By-The-Hour computer repair does nothing to protect your business from downtime.

Downtime is a greater expense than technology repair.

Since these companies don’t truly manage any part of your company’s IT, the only value they carry is their ability to fix broken technology.

The “Bronze-Silver-Gold Managed Services” Company

As a smart business owner you realize the importance of managing your technology and minimizing downtime. This is the way that you increase your staff’s productivity. This is where the three-tier Managed Services Company comes into play..

For a monthly fee, these companies promise to monitor and proactively fix all of your computer issues. You sign up for a multi-month deal, they install their little monitoring tools, fix a bunch of nagging pain points you had been wrestling with, and you feel like you have a full technology solution. Until you have some issues that they just can’t fix because they have lots of unskilled monitor installers and only a few seasoned technicians.

Their profit motivation is to get you to sign up for the most expensive plan, hope their “tools” fix most problems, and ride the monthly income wave as long as you will allow it. They may or may not actually be providing all of the services promised--mostly due to negligence, but sometimes it’s outright fraud.

Warning: Most new clients Connected Technologies acquire come from “Managed Service” companies after a catastrophic technology failure. Either they were just plain not providing the client the services paid for month after month or were incapable of setting up their tools properly to make it all work.

Connected Technologies’ Managed IT Solution

Your business is unique. That’s why our whole plan is different. A single Managed IT Solution for your business. With this comprehensive Managed IT Solution from Connected Technologies, you can immediately see productivity rise in your organization. We don’t have levels of packages that fit all clients. Yes, we do offsite backups. Yes, we provide antivirus. Yes, we monitor your hardware. Yes, we can automatically update your software. Yes, we can secure your firewall. Yes, we remediate through automation. It’s 2018, these items are no longer an option for any businesses and we’ve invested in the infrastructure to handle all of these baseline items.

Proven Technology

Connected Technologies has been serving local businesses for 20 years. We’ve seen technology change over the years, fads come and go. We use the only best Tier 1 level hardware and software to create, manage and support a winning Managed IT Solution for your company that maximizes production and minimizes downtime.

Planning for the Future

Connected Technologies not only looks at what technology you have today, we look where your company is going, and deliver the technology you need to get there. We constantly assess the relationship to ensure that the technology we provide are well-leveraged and provide solutions to any of the myriad of problems the modern business faces. Connected Technologies will partner with you to develop a comprehensive technology plan that maximizes your investment in your most valuable assets, your productive people.


In 20 years working with technology, we’ve been taught one crucial lesson: it is important to keep learning. As the modern office innovates, so do our technicians. Our use of proven technologies, coupled with years of experience managing mission-critical technologies, allow Connected Technologies to take the best parts of hourly tech support, bundle it with proactive and continuous network and server monitoring to ensure that your technology remains functional and running optimally.

If you are looking to eliminate downtime and boost your business’ operational efficiency, while also giving a shot in the arm to your staff’s productivity, Connected Technologies’ Managed IT Solution is for you.