Do You Need A Technology Partner?

Multidwelling Unit Technology Services


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Construction wants it cheap and Operations wants it to work.

You need to get it built AND make sure it runs smoothly for tenants. We are with you.

Connected Technologies is your partner for design and buildout on time and on budget with an eye toward operations and tenant satisfaction. Long after the GC has packed up his construction trailer and the last punch is checked off, Connected Technologies will be with you managing the networks and technology, making sure tenant satisfaction, retention, renewals and lease up rates are at their highest.

From planning to construction to service delivery, on time and within budget

You have come here because you are building (or renovating) a Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU). You have to know that your residents aren’t the residents and tenants of yesteryear--they need high-speed wireless internet, they need access to cable, they need reliable telephone service--and they expect you to provide it for them.

Connected Technologies is on your side and knows what you need. Here is what we deliver:

Comprehensive Consulting and Design

We’ve established ourselves by successfully completing jobs of all sizes. A construction team may come to the job ready for action, but without a solid blueprint in place, nothing can get done. Total chaos! This is why we have our knowledgeable consultants work directly with your architects to map out the most efficient installation plan; reducing labor costs and providing your team a professional perspective. In order to deliver the technologies your residents need, you first need a solid plan of attack. Best yet, we are involved in every step of the process.

Professional Installation

With resident demands for bandwidth increasing, you want a vendor that is experienced installing efficient Fiber to the Home (FTTH) deployments. Our technicians are trained in the industry best practices as to provide expertly laid cable. We come at every project with knowledge, professionalism, and dedication to excellence that is second to none.

We stay on budget and never miss a deadline!

Comprehensive Support

Since we don’t leave a job when construction is finished, we offer the best MDU hardware support in the industry. We also have access to several entertainment and communication vendors that will allow you to deliver a dynamic suite of amenities to your residents, and build lucrative revenue opportunities.

Meet your residents’ needs with the following MDU services from Connected Technologies:

● High-Speed Internet and Wireless

● Audio/Video

● Security Cameras

● Access Control

● Resident and Student Amenities

Besides laying the groundwork to deliver your residents and tenants the technologies they need, we also feature security solutions to keep them safe. Whether you are constructing multi-family housing, a private dormitory or student housing, a high-rise, an apartment complex, a nursing home, or any other MDU, look no further than Connected Technologies.

For more information about our MDU design and installation, or the other powerful technology services we offer, call us today at (706) 548-9598.